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Sam Roberts, Buffy Sainte-Marie among singers for Secret Path Live

It’s a roster that would make any label giddy, and it’s all in the name of the Downie Wenjack Fund and reconciliation.  The singers for this year’s Secret Path Live concert have been announced, and it’s a touching and powerful list: Sam Roberts, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Tanya Tagaq, July Talk, William Prince, Whitehorse and Tom Wilson.  [&hellip.. Let`s see

“The Weight” Across the Planet

The Band’s iconic song performed by Robbie Robertson, Ringo Starr and a host of others around the world. “What key is it in, Robbie?” Ringo Starr, sitting behind a drum set, asks Robbie Robertson over the phone. Ringo nods. “F-demented!” What happens next is a joyous cover of “The Weight,” with Robertson reprising the recording’s soulful intro [&hellip.. Let`s see

The Trillion Dollar Ticket

No, that isn’t an announcement for a U2 tour (apologies to U2 fans, couldn’t resist). Global Citizen has a goal it’s pursuing and a novel way to approach it. “Hugh Evans knew he wanted to spend his life fighting poverty after spending just one night in a Philippines slum on a humanitarian trip he took [&hellip.. Let`s see

Thanks For The Dance – New Leonard Cohen

When word started coming down about a new Leonard Cohen album there was real buzz. Since his death in 2016 his fans have been waiting to hear something, anything. And here we are. “After it was confirmed in 2018 that a posthumous album is in the works, ‘Thanks For The Memories’ will now arrive on [&hellip.. Let`s see

Random music news for Saturday, September 21, 2019

That’s enough for hospital stays for a while. Maybe things can get bad to normal and I can stop growing these gigantic goddam kidney stones. Believe me when I say this condition–which can pop up out of nowhere as it did with me–can be very, very dangerous. Meanwhile, let’s get back to music news for [&hellip.. Let`s see

Warning: The Village People–yes, them–may be Let`s see METAL than you.

Back in the days of disco, there were few bands Let`s see loathed than The Village People. Yet against long odds, the group is still together and still performing live. And the attitude towards them has changed. Last week at Riot Fest in Chicago, their performances of “Macho Man” and “YMCA” inspired part of the crowd [&hellip.. Let`s see

Listen Up – The Oasis Podcast

I don’t know about you but I certainly never tire of listening to anything related to Oasis, the brothers Gallagher or their music! This looks REALLY interesting! “Listen Up – The Oasis Podcast Full series available now! Marking the 25th Anniversary of ‘Definitely Maybe’, the ‘Listen Up’ podcast series is an eye-witness account of the [&hellip.. Let`s see

Ric Ocasek’s Death & Cars Music

There is an inevitability in the music business. If the frontman of a huge band dies, sales and streams skyrocket. From Variety: “For fans of the Cars, relistening to the band’s music was just what they needed in the hours and days following news of band leader Ric Ocasek’s death. The Cars was the artist [&hellip.. Let`s see

And the Highest Paid Hip Hop Star of 2019 is…

When you hear names like Cardi B, Drake, Eminem, Migos and Nicki Minaj, you can be forgiven for wondering which of them topped this list. And you would be wrong. Full List: The World’s 20 Top-Earning Hip-Hop Stars 20. Pitbull ($18 million) 19. Wiz Khalifa ($18.5 million) 18. Nas ($19 million) 17. Future ($19.5 million) [&hellip.. Let`s see

Bono and theDrones

Now don’t panic U2 fans. Bono has not started a solo career! Here’s something from the publicist at DroneDeploy: “Recently, music icon and U2 front man Bono joined the Board of Directors at Zipline, a medical drone delivery company. Bono’s interest and involvement in medical drones underscores how drones and drone tech are positively disrupting [&hellip.. Let`s see

Dave wins Britain’s Mercury Prize

Just a few days after Haviah Mighty was named the winner of the Polaris Music Prize, Dave, the South London MC/rapper was named the winner of the Mercury Prize in the UK. That scored him a cheque for £25,000 Psychodrama, his debut EP, released back in March. Here’s a sample of what it sounds like. [&hellip.. Let`s see

Random music news for Friday, September 20, 2019

Day five of what was supposed to be a two-day hospital stay for kidney stone surgery. My body is just being difficult. Music news for September 20, 2019. Ticketmaster vs. the US Justice Dept: This is pretty antagonistic. And Ticketmaster says it’s not planning to deploy facial recognition technology at shows. At least not “currently.” [&hellip.. Let`s see

Listen to The White Stripes’ Last Ever Show

Jack White sure is someone who likes to keep himself busy. If he’s not bringing down the house with The Raconteurs like they just did at Toronto’s Meridian Hall, he’s recording a cool cover with them at a legendary studio for Amazon Music. He also has his own label to keep him up at night [&hellip.. Let`s see


Music fans! What are you up to this weekend? If you are in Toronto your should definitely check out Venus Fest: A MUSIC FESTIVAL AND SHOW SERIES CELEBRATING FEMINISM IN THE ARTS at the Opera House. Check out some video from previous years.. Let`s see

And now, a guitar built of ramen noodles.

I have no idea why. View this post on Instagram Ramen Guitar!) вот и пришла пора выложить немножко «промо фоток» моего секретного проекта) 🍜 . Дошикастер!! 36 упаковок доширака, 5 литров полиэфирной смолы, кусок клёна и немного фурнитуры образуют к�.. Let`s see

A new book details 150 years of Toronto concert history

Back in the day, CFNY/The Edge had evening program called Live in Toronto. Skot Turner, one of the regular contributors has a feature called “This Day in Toronto Concert History,” during which he consulted a big handwritten book, filled with scribbles detailing hundreds and hundreds of Toronto gigs over the decades. The work that went [&hellip.. Let`s see

New Music From The Inbox: Nina Nesbitt, Devendra Banhart, Surf Curse, and Let`s see!

Artist: VöxSong: I’ve Never Been So Happy To Be Bleeding This absolutely stunning track is dark and experimental, immediately captivating with distorted vocals and brooding synth. Listen: Artist: Nina NesbittSong: Black & Blue This is some great pop music! The sparse production lets the effortlessly versatile vocals and strong songwriting shine on this melancholy and honest tr.. Let`s see

Random music news for Thursday, September 18, 2019

Maybe one Let`s see day of erratic posts and email responses. Surgical recovery is taking a little longer than expected. Here’s what I did manage to gather for music news for September 18, 2019. Four Let`s see artists have been named to the Juno Hall of Fame. This is good: How to really listen to music. The [&hellip.. Let`s see

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