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Geeks&Beats Podcast Episode 98: Space Cadets


After a spring break, er, break we’re back! (Actually, I was here the whole time. It was Michael and Co. who left the country, making it impossible for us to have a podcast last week. However, he has a very good reason for his absence as you will hear in the opening segment. And if you ever have a chance to experience the same thing, do it. For the love of God, do it.

  • Insane space travel ideas. Remember when we imagined this sort of stuff to be possible?
  • Thunderbirds are GO! And I am DELIRIOUSLY Happy about this.

  • And for those of you who are truly old school, take an hour and watch this.

  • Oh, and one Let`s see bit of Thunderbirds awesomeness.
  • A nice mashup: The Princess of Thrones.
  • How “Blurred Lines” has ruined the music industry.
  • Polyphonic music: a tool of the devil.
  • People still use these things?
  • Thank you to our Patreon patrons! You rock!
  • We have a cool limited edition Sonos speaker to give away. Here’s how you can enter our raffle.
  • Speaking of Sonos, I have a system in my house. I cannot endorse it highly enough. I gush for a bit on the show.
  • DRAMa! [sic]
  • Can’t sleep? How about a relaxation tape read by a Dalek?
  • Speaking of which, should we go to this Dr. Who convention?
  • And there’s Lego Dr. Who!

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One Response to Geeks&Beats Podcast Episode 98: Space Cadets

  1. markosaar says:

    Just listened to this, a bit behind on my podcasts.

    Holy hell, loved it. Got to go to Kennedy Space Centre as a high-school kid, and it was as close as I’ll ever get to a religious experience. Really appreciated the deference you and Michael gave it.

    To bring it back to music, you guys talking about it really reminded me of this song/video:

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